UTK Solution

UTK Solution - 100% Expertise in Plastics and technology

UTK Solution GmbH is a specialist in the development, design and production of tailor-made plastic parts as well as the necessary tools. The medium-sized company based in Lüdenscheid in the Sauerland region has made a name for itself in the medical device sector in recent years. We develop innovative solutions for clinical applications and consistently incorporate aspects of environmental protection and resource conservation into our considerations. We take the internationally valued quality feature “Made in Germany” seriously and see it as a requirement that we strive to fulfill every day. Consistent response to the needs and ideas of our customers combined with strong communication skills make our company the ideal partner, especially for demanding projects. We use our experience, our know-how and innovative thinking to perfectly implement the customer's concerns. The goal of our work is simply formulated: Every project is led to its optimal conclusion with absolute reliability. In order for us to succeed in this, we define the standards for the quality of our products extremely ambitiously.