The BlueLavage - 100% convincing in all areas and design


> Two rinse levels can be selected
> HighSpeed: flow rate over 1,200 ml / min
> LowSpeed: constant flow rate of 600 ml / min
> Constant purging pressure of 1 bar (15 psi)


> Reusable drive unit: DriveUnit
> Electronically controlled engine control
> Reduced noise
> Sensor-controlled 2-stage switch
> Smart LED operating display
> LED illuminated cover: The operating status can be seen at any time under the application.


> Avoidance of hazardous waste
> No mixing of plastic and electronic waste in hospital waste
> DriveUnits that cannot be reused after 150 times of use are automatically replaced by our sales partner and sent for professional recycling!
> Exclusive use of biodegradable plastics
> Hose system without questionable plasticizers


> Top single use packaging with handpiece, hoses and short rinsing attachment
> Self-explanatory, unique design
> Easy Top Loading der Antriebseinheit (DriveUnit)
> Easy and safe changing of the different rinsing attachments
> No batteries or electrical cables in the Operating Room


> Double sterile packaging for the highest standards of hygiene and sterility

> Simple and self-explanatory to use - as you would expect from a vacuum cleaning system!<
> Reliable in use: The continuous pumping ability of the BlueLavage over the required period of use has been comprehensively tested and confirmed at the Trier University of Applied Sciences
> Certified according to DIN EN ISO 13485: 2016 and DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015
> Classified according to the EU guidelines for medical devices of risk class IIa

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