Clinics and doctors should choose BlueLavage for these reasons:


  • Two rinsing levels can be selected
  • HighSpeed: flow rate over 1,200 ml/min
  • LowSpeed: constant flow rate of 600 ml/min
  • Constant flushing pressure of 1 bar (15 psi)


  • Reusable drive unit: DriveUnit
  • Electronically controlled engine control
  • Reduced noise development
  • Sensor-controlled 2-stage switch
  • Smart LED power indicator
  • LED illuminated lid: The operating status can be seen at any time while using the application.


  • Avoidance of hazardous waste

  • No mixing of plastic and electronic waste in clinical waste

  • DriveUnits can always be reused

  • Exclusive use of biodegradable plastics

  • Hose system without harmful plasticizers


  • Top single use packaging with handpiece, hoses and short rinsing attachment

  • Self-explanatory, unique design

  • Easy top loading of the drive unit (DriveUnit)

  • Easy and safe changing of the different flushing attachments

  • No batteries or electrical cables in the operating area


  • Double sterile packaging for the highest standards of hygiene and freedom from germs

  • Simple and self-explanatory to use – just as you would expect from a flushing system!

  • Reliable in use: The continuous pumping performance of the BlueLavage over the required period of use has been extensively tested and confirmed at the Trier University of Applied Sciences in the mechanical engineering department.

  • Certified according to DIN EN ISO 13485:2016 and DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

  • Classified according to the EU guidelines for medical devices in risk class IIa