USA climate goals

Joe Biden invited the nations of China and Russia to a new climate summit in April. Joe Biden was about bringing the United States back onto the climate protection stage. His goal is to halve greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 compared to 2005. He would like to achieve this goal by re-examining current lease agreements for oil and gas mining. The government's car fleet is also to be converted to electric vehicles. (Simon, Droris, 2021)
Our opinion:
For us, this step is very crucial and we support this path taken by the President. Our goal is to make surgical procedures in hospitals as environmentally friendly as possible. The direction is indicated by the BlueLavage®. Our new system, which was awarded the North Rhine-Westphalia State Efficiency Prize upon its market launch, shows what modernity means. Our BlueLavage® is the first medical product “Made in Germany” to be CO2 neutral. The intelligent design makes it possible to reuse the valuable components and thus counteract an enormous mountain of electronic waste.

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